Bizarre as armed robber was caught with a fake gun robbing ₵8,600

Bizarre as armed robber was caught
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Bizarre as armed robber was caught with a fake gun robbing ₵8,600 in a couple’s home.

With the current hardship in the country everyone is compromising and I think the young also decided to do same.

In a very chilling report ,a boy was arrested after allegedly using a gigantic fake gun to rob people of valuable assets including money.

He was nabbed on Sunda, June 13, 2021, by men attached to the Okpanam Police Division after they received a distressed call that an armed robber has entered into the house of the distressed caller forcing victims that do not have cash to transfer money to his account.

The unbelievable act indeed has so far raised various reactions from people on social media where they expressed their shock towards the man’s actions in going to people’s homes with fake gigantic fake gun.

The statement from the police said;

“The suspect had already successfully forced an aged couple to transfer the sum of N600,000 to an account number owned by one Anwanga Abasi Nathaniel Udo. Other exhibit recovered from the suspect includes two knives and one torchlight.”