Big “Yawa” as Despite and Nana Agradaa clash at funeral (VIDEO)

In what seems to be a clash of the titans, Nana Agradaa and Dr. Osei Kwame Despite, two powerful personalities in Ghana’s media industry, had an encounter at a funeral that has caught the attention of social media.

The tension between the two dates back to when Agradaa began raining unprintable words on Osei Kwame Despite and other media personalities for no discernible reason.

During the one-week observation of media personality Fiifi Pratt’s auntie, both Agradaa and Osei Kwame Despite were present with their entourage.While Agradaa stormed the venue displaying her wealth, Osei Kwame Despite kept his cool in one corner, chatting with his rich friends, refusing to give Agradaa the attention she was looking for.

Although it was clear from Agradaa’s demeanor that she was ready for face-to-face violence, Osei Kwame Despite avoided confrontation and kept a safe distance from Agradaa.

Months ago, Agradaa dragged Osei Kwame Despite into the mud after she was exposed on a show. Agradaa attacked him, revealing that the millionaire does rituals for money.

Despite refused to respond to the claims and ignored Agradaa. He also ignored her at the funeral, as Agradaa continued to cause a scene by sprinkling money on adwoa dancers who welcomed her for the program.

The encounter between Agradaa and Osei Kwame Despite at the funeral has sparked conversation on social media. Some people believe that Agradaa has gone too far in her attacks on Osei Kwame Despite and other media personalities, while others think that the millionaire should not have ignored her, especially since she had been dragging his name in the mud.

Despite the tension between the two personalities, it remains to be seen if there will be any resolution to their conflict or if they will continue to clash at events. The video of their encounter at the funeral can be seen below.

Watch this video below:

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