Big Akwes sadly narrates how his mother k!lled his father

Popular Kumawood actor Akwesi Asamoah widely known as Big Akwes has opened up on how his biological mother k!lled his father to take over his properties.

According to the renowned actor, his father was a wealthy man who doubles as a pharmacist and as a result, he owns houses, cars and other properties.

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Narrating his story, he claimed that his ‘greedy’ mother who wanted to take possession of his father’s properties conspired with his father’s driver who escorted her to a ‘juju’ man to end the life of his dad.

He furthered that his mother succeeded with the rituals and as a sign that her husband will d!e, he started coughing bl00d.

Big Akwes revealed that he planned to take his father to the hospital for treatment but his mother refused with the claims that he will be fine.

A few days later, his father d!ed and was subsequently buried.

Listen to the audio below for full details;