The 2021 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) held across the country came to an end today, Friday, November 19.

A piece of unfortunate news gathered by our outfit after today’s paper has it that a female candidate who was writing her exam at the Mankessim Senior High School in the Central Region defecated on herself after an invigilator failed to allow her to visit the washroom.

According to reports, the incident happened after the invigilator insisted that the student stay and complete the paper before she attends to the nature’s call.

Reports also indicated that the student had been feeling unwell and was on medication prior to the exams.

Despite pleas by some of the teachers, the invigilator ignored them and insisted that the student stays to complete her exam leading to her defecating on herself in the exam hall.

The student was forced to write the exam with faeces on herself until some angry teachers intervened.

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