Becca’s ‘you lied to me’ song is more powerful than Matthew chapter 5 – Osofo Kyiriabosom

Ghanaian gospel preacher, Andrews Seth Kusi widely known as Osofo Kyiriabosom still stands by his claims that the Holy Bible is a story book and has no power in it.

The founder of Life Assembly Worship Centre speaking in an interview with Delay said the Bible is full of works of people who are dead and gone.

According to Rev. Kyiri Abosom he’d rather listen to worldly songs, particularly, Becca’s ‘You lied to me’ than believe Matthew chapter 5.

“To me, the bible is there for comparison. It’s there for research. There is no power in it. Right from my childhood, I knew there was no power in the Bible. The power is in me and I am working with it. To me, the Bible represents the works of people of the old. There are a lot of things in the Bible that I think are fake.

“To me, it’s not authentic. For instance, when you quote scriptures like Mathew chapter 5 to me, I’d prefer Becca’s song, ‘You lied to me’. I believe in that song and pick a lot of wisdom from it as compared to that part of the scriptures,” Kyiri Abosom told Delay.

Asked when he made the decision to not believe in the scripture and its teachings he said: “I believed in it but not anymore. There is no spirit in it and it cannot do anything to me. It’s like a book; someone wrote it. I believed in it when I was young and ignorant. I was brought up with it but now my eyes are opened. I don’t believe that the name Jesus can solve a problem but the spirit in me can solve a problem. To me, he is just a prophet. If he had the power, he helped and worked for his people in the past, and not me,” he stressed.

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