Be bold and speak against LGBT practice in Ghana – Pastor tells politicians

The founder and general overseer of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Prophet Lawrence Tetteh has reacted to issues concerning the practice of LGBTQI in Ghana recently.

According to the popular Man of God, it’s is illegal and against the constitution of Ghana to build LGBTQI office in the country. He further urged politicians to join traditional and religious leaders who have already kicked against the act and condemn the practice.

The issue of LGBTQI became a nationwide pandemic after European Union in Ghana on Wednesday commended the country for respecting the rights of LGBT.

It further pledged support for civil society groups that will promote the rights of homos3xuals in Ghana.

The statement from EU has since attracted backlash from the public and other groups who called for the closure of the newly-built office of LGBT in Accra.


In the words of Rev Lawrence Tetteh, he said: “Our traditional leaders don’t accept it, our religious leaders don’t also accept it, Politicians are the only ones who have not been bold enough to speak even though they know that it is illegal, Psalm 11:3 says if the foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do. It is very sad that, there are leaders in Ghana who are not standing up publicly against this issue which has destroyed many men and women and young people.

“It is illegal for any gay, lesbian or trans whatever office to be set up in Ghana, because in our constitution it is illegal”.