B£dr00m video of Nayas and Owura surface online

A video of of Nayas and her husband’s best friend Owura has finally popped online.

The video fast trending on social media sees Nayas and Owura having fun in bed.

Owura and Nayas made headlines a few weeks ago after the latter accused the former of sleeping with her while she was having marital issues with her husband.

Owura finally commented on Naya’s allegations that he slept with her while she was having marital problems.


According to Owura’s account, it was Nayas who insisted on having a romantic relationship with him that had the potential to lead to marriage.

During an interview with Manasseh The World Changer, he revealed evidence that Nayas’ mother had no problem with their relationship.

One of the pieces of evidence is an audio conversation he had with Nayas’ mother in which they discussed a herbal drug that Nayas’ mother had given him in order to assist him improve his performance in the bedroom and hence increase his chances of getting Nayas pregnant.

Watch the video below;