Ban on money doublers will start from 1st May-National Film Authority

Ban on money doublers will start from 1st may-National Film Authority
socrate sarfo

Ban on money doublers will start from 1st may, National Film Authority has said.

The chairman of the National Film Authority, Socrate Safo, during an interview with Emefa Apawu on Joy FM mentioned the enforcement of laws surrounding classification and approval of contents showed on TV.

An excerpt of his speech read;

“If you approach us with a program and the content is about money doubling, then we expect you to have such a license. If you are Mallam and you want to double money all we are requiring from you is to show us a license you have from the Security and Exchange Commission and the Bank of Ghana to operate as a money doubler. If you don’t have it, then we can’t classify such content for you,”

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“We (National Film Authority) have been with them (GIBA) back and forth till date and we have set May 1, to start implementing the law and this stage was actually set in collaboration with GIBA. So actually it has been a matter of engagement with the stakeholders,”