Bagbin returns to Parliament fully dressed like a chief

Ghana’s Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin returns to Parliament House today in costume you may not have seen any Speaker in before.

Mr. Bagbin dressed like a chief and according to him, he would only wear the cloak on special occasions.

Parliament resumed today, Tuesday, January 25. The House was expected to analyze issues surrounding the controversial E-levy bill.

The Speaker of Parliament has told the lawmakers that the only way out in getting things done in the House is through dialogue and consultation.

Mr. Bagbin also called for more cooperation and collaboration among lawmakers given the entire nature of the 8th Parliament where the two major parties control 137-137 seats each with an Independent Lawmaker.

“The only way is to get the two sides to consult and to dialogue with each other, to cooperate, to compromise, to collaborate to achieve consensus, this is an imperative imposed on us political leaders by the people of Ghana, we have no choice,” he said.