Baby Daddy Stabbed Baby Mama Over 30 Times To death

A 26-year-old Diana Boafo operating as a hairdresser has been stabbed over 30 times to death by her baby’s father. 

No description available.

According to the report from the deceased brother, at approximately 1:00 at night, he received a phone call from his mother asking him his whereabouts and he replied to the mother he was at a funeral. 

Answering his mother, “ Kwabena, where are you? Mom, I am at a funeral and she said, is your sister Diana that Aboboyaa has stabbed her to death..” 

The offender’s name is given as Tetteh popularly known as Aboboyaa who is a driver. 

Paying attention to the details of the report, both Tetteh and Diana were living together with the family in the same house. As they were together with the family,  Diana and Tetteh were mostly having relationship issues as a result the family suggested they both move out of the family residence to rent their own apartment of placement. 

In agreeing with the family decision, Diana and Tetteh moved out to rent their own place to start a new life. 

As time goes on, Diana reported to the family she can not continue the relationship with Tetteh due to some unwanted behavior of him. Tetteh did not agree with Diana’s decision of ending the relationship. 

The family later received a report that night as Diana was walking along with her younger sister, Tetteh met them and used force to drag Diana away from the younger sister. 

The sister runs to their family home to give a report. The family decided to follow up with the sister’s report. Upon arrival, Diana was stabbed to death. 

Tetteh popularly known as Aboboyaa is on the run as the police are after him. 

The incident happened at New Edubiase Ghana. 

Below is the audio report: