Baba Spirit did not tell us details about his sickness — Family break silence

The family of comic actor Baba Spirit has spoken for the first time after his sudden demise.

Baba Spirit made news headlines for the past few days after he was reported de@d.

The comedian was confirmed de@d on Thursday, September 8, 2022 following a brief sickness.

The shocking circumstances surrounding his death claim that the comic believed his friends were attempting to use black magic to end his life.

According to Baba Spirit, his companions turned on him because they were envious of his rise to fame and wealth at their expense.

The family of the actor has broken silence and according to Baba’s uncle, the comic actor failed to speak with them about the details of his sickness whenever they call him to ask about his health.

He added that the family was aware of Baba’s health issues but do not know the type of disease he was suffering from.

Listen to him below;