Bɛɛf alɛrt: Aboa, wo ti sɛ toa — Kevin Taylor ins.u!ts as he ɛxposɛs Okatakyie Afrifa

Founder of Loud Silence Media, Kevin Taylor has vowed to ɛxposɛ all the dirty and ɛvil works of Ghanaian journalist Okatakyia Afrifa.

In a video sighted by Adepanews.com, Kevin claimed that he has a docket full of the fraudulent stuff of his colleague journalist and will soon open it if he jokes with him.

Irate Kevin Taylor dared Okatakyia to mention his name if he’s a man adding that he has been on his target list for a long time and it’s time to deal with him.

Kevin using unprintable words alleged that Okatakyie is a womanizer who slɛɛps with prost!tutɛs despite being married.

According to Taylor, the former worker of TV XYZ is a thiɛf and all that he’s good at is to slɛɛp around with women. He further alleged that Okatakyie was sacked from his current job because of his irresponsible behavior.

The US-based journalist added that Okatakyie is not intelligent enough to host any program in Ghana and no legitimate TV or Radio station will employ him.

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