Ayisha Modi reveals why her relationship with Stonebwoy ended

Ayisha Modi reveals why her relationship with Stonebwoy

Ayisha Modi reveals why her relationship with Stonebwoy ended despite her strong support for his brand sometime ago.

Ayisha was once said to be Stonebwoy’s biggest fan because of how much she supported him, but her support has recently dwindled.

The main reason for the abrupt end of their once enviable relationship is unknown, but Stonebwoy is believed to want to distance himself from her because, while she has a good heart, her loose mouth makes her appear as a nuisance.

Ayisha Modi, a well-known socialite, revealed the reasons for their now strained relationship.

She told SammyKay in an interview that she has no grudges against Stonebwoy and that the award-winning musician has no animosity toward her, but the harsh comments from social media users were also a factor in her decision to leave.
Ayisha went on to say that Stonebwoy’s disrespected her a lot.

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An old video of the president and wife dancing with different partners has resurfaced on social media.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall shook their stuff on the dance floor in the short video, which was shared on Twitter.

The prince’s wife, who was dressed in an evening gown with huge diamonds at her ears and throat, danced with Ghana’s president.

While the president was dancing, the prince could be seen with his hand behind Rebecca, Ghana’s first lady’s waist.

They danced beautifully to the music.

Check out the video below.