Ayisha Modi insults Dr. Likee in new video

Brand influencer, Ayisha Modi has been captured in a video hurling insults at Ras Nene aka Dr. Likee while speaking with him and other Kumawood stars.

In the video, the staunch fan of Stonebwoy could be seen attacking Dr. Likee for failing to honor her invitation to her enstoolment.

Ayisha has been enstooled as Queen Mother of Sowutoum in the Central Region.

As usual, she invited her friends and other celebrities including Dr. Likee who failed to honor the invite. In a live Tiktok video, Ayisha slammed the YouTuber for not attending the event.

Dr. Likee looked a bit disgraced but decided not to mind Ayisha because he was not ready to take issues high.

Dr Likee playfully asked her to give him her number but Ayisha Modi replied that whenever she calls he rarely answers the call.

Ayisha in the video revealed that she once gave Dr Likee an amount of money to produce his first-ever movie.

Watch the video below;


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