Brand influencer Ayisha Modi has finally broken silence on her weight loss after Afia Schwarzenegger alleged in their beef that she’s doing drugs.

Afia Schwarzenegger and Ayisha Modi have been in the headlines a couple of weeks ago.

Afia alleged that Ayisha is doing drugs and if she doesn’t put a stop to it, she could face serious health issues.

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Ayisha responding to Afia’s allegations claimed that her drastic weight loss is a body type she paid for. She revealed that her godfather Rev. Obofour gifted her $40,000 to work on her body.

Ayisha revealed that she was inspired to go in for a weight loss plan after a doctor made her aware that her body mass index is 408, a little over the normal index.

So the sudden weight loss is the first requisite of happiness and nobody should think that she’s sick.

“I have sacrificed a lot for people and it time for me to enjoy life, it’s time to take good care of myself so if you think that I, Ayisha Modi is sick because of my weight loss then you must be really sick, if you think being fat makes you healthy then I bless you with a lot of fatness,” she said.

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