Ghanaian artiste and self-proclaimed face of Ghana hip-hop music, Emmanuel Yeboah well recognized as AY Poyoo has taken to social media to flaunt his beautiful girlfriend for the first time.

The musician and his girlfriend are celebrating their birthday today and he decided to share photos of themselves with a heartwarming message.

He wrote;

I know most people will wonder why a beautiful lady like @ohemaaafiakonadu would follow a mad man like me and doing the crazy things I do as well… Today I want to share something about her with you. She is one of the few people who believed in me even before my viral hit song GOAT”. She encouraged me, gave me hope, and promised to be there for me always. 
She is ready to put her status and dignity aside and swim in the mud with me. She is my celebrity babe, my sister, and my godmother! The best part is, we both share the same birthday and that means we see things from the same angle. 
I want to wish her a happy birthday and let her know I appreciate her so much. May her dreams become reality and I pray God gives her everything she has given me in ten folds! My Bebe, I really appreciate you and thanks a lot! 🙏🏾🐐❤

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