Audio: Abronye DC Caught Stealing Tomato

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Chairman for the Bono Region of Ghana, Kwame Baffoe, popularly known as Abronye DC who stated he was eyeing for a government position but was talked out to maintain his party work to enable the NPP government to complete his project for 2024 is caught in an allegation. 

According to an audio presentation from Accra FM, there is a recorded audio between Abronye and one NPP communication team member, Hafez, who has made a publication against the Chairman. 

Listening to the audio, Abronye confronted Hafez on the phone for making false publication about him of  stolen a tomatoes. As the chairman questions the publisher, he stated he understands is a false information but is expecting Abronye to give his responses on air on the allegations made against him for he is known to respond to many allegations made against him on air. 

“ I have seen that you are circulating that I have stolen tomatoes…..” Abronye

“ But chairman, is an allegation and if someone makes an allegation against you, you have to come clear yourself.” Hafez

In the conversation, Abronye said to Hafez he will not be going on air to clear himself and will not respond to any false information written about him any longer. 


Below is the video: