Ask for more money for your husbands – Lawyer Ampaw to wives

Legal practitioner Maurice Ampaw has advised wives to be assertive in their demands on their husbands to prevent them from spending on extramarital affairs.

According to Ampaw, men have a tendency to spend on other women if their wives do not effectively communicate their needs to them. In an appearance on Ghana Television (GTV), Ampaw stated that wives should not “pity” or “be compassionate” towards their husbands, and making demands is crucial.

Ampaw also commented on the issue of men signing fake cheques, saying that when men are allowed that space, they may disregard their marriage.

He stressed that men value and love their wives more when they spend on them, which is why they can be “crazy” about their side chics.

Thus, wives should ensure that their husbands spend on them and treat them with respect and affection, just as they would treat their side chics. This, in turn, will foster the development of love in the relationship.

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