Ashaiman lives matter: Full press statement

Residents of Ashaiman have released a press statement following the demise of the young soldier, Imoro Sherrif and the attack of some military personnel.

Read the full statement below ;



Good Morning to everyone and we are grateful for your massive presence as well as the presence of the press.
First and foremost we want to extend our condolences to the family of the mu.rdered soldier. May his gentle soul Rest in perfect Peace. We also want to use this medium to condemn the murder of the soldier and call on the Police to speed up their investigations and bring the perpetrators to book.

Secondly we empathise with every person who fell victim to the dastardly acts of the military brutalisation on 7th March 2023.

Soldiers unlawfully broke into the houses of residents of Ashaiman, dragged them out of their beds and bru.talised them. The soldiers also caused excessive damage to the properties of the residents. In addition they kidn@pped over 400 people and unlawfully took them to Burma Camp.

The irony about the whole incident is that it happen less than 48hours after celebrating the country’s Independence from colonial rule. It appears the country has replaced the foreign oppressor with an indigenous one.

We are currently in a constant state of fear for our dear lives because the soldiers told the residents that it is a One Month Operation and they have instructions from above to put the fear of God in them to avenge the murder of the fallen soldier.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the press we the people of Ashaiman condemn the beastly acts of the Ghana Armed Forces and we also call for President of the Repulic of Ghana His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo Danquah, the Commander- in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces to do same and render an unqualified apology to the Good People of Ashaiman for the cr!m!nal acts of his troops.

We also call on the media, civic societies, professional bodies like Ghana Bar Association, religious bodies among others to also join us in condemning the violence and criminal acts of the soldiers.

Consistently and persistently the Ghana Armed Aforces have taken Ashaiman as their training ground for unleasing violence on innocent citizens with impunity. We are saying loud and clear that we have suffered enough and enough is enough.!!!

If citizens cannot sleep peacefully in their home where else should they find peace in a democratic country.

We are therefore as matter of urgency:

1. Calling on the President to order the immediate release of all residents of Ashaiman that the soldiers are illegally keeping in their custody,

2. Calling on the president to immediately set-up a committee to investigate the criminal acts of the soldiers and the culprits punished

3. Calling on the President to direct the Minister for Defence to pay for all the damaged properties of the Ashaiman residents caused by the soldiers,

4. Pay adequate compensation to all victims of the military brutalisation 5. Provide street lights in all communities in Ashaiman since darkness was a contributing factor for the murder of the soldier because the incident happened in a dark place.

Residents of Ashaiman are also citizens of Ghana and not spectators. Ashaiman lives matter.

As our National Anthem encourages every Citizen to be bold to fight and resist Oppressors Rule we pledge to do exactly that.

We demand for Justice and we demand it now since justice delayed is Justice denied.

Long live the people of Ashaiman,

Long live the fight for Freedom and Justice in Ghana

We thank you.
Convenors of the Ashaiman Lives Matter.
1. Nii Anang Adzor-Regent of Ashaiman
2. Togbe Aheto, first MP for Ashaiman
3. Hon. Alfred Agbesi Esq., former MP of Ashaiman and Deputy Majority Leader.
4. Hon. Ernest Norgbey, Member of Parliament for Ashaiman
5. Emmanuel Kumadey (Lawyer Akukor) Lawyer and Spokesperson for the convenors
6. Nii Ayiku Assemblyman for Naa Amerley Electoral Area 7. Emmanuel Narh Assemblyman for Niiman Electoral Area 8. Shaddrack Tetteh Assemblyman for Naa Amui.

Ashaiman lives matter: Full press statement

Ashaiman lives matter: Full press statement

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