Asantewaa emotionally details how her marriage was nearly broken up

Asantewaa, the popular Ghanaian actress and TikToker, has opened up about the struggles she faced in her marriage and the rumors that have plagued her relationship with her husband. Despite several reports alleging that Asantewaa has been involved in extramarital affairs, the actress credits the success of her marriage to the trust that her husband, Jeffrey, has in her.

During an interview with Kwaku Manu on the ‘Aggressive Interview’ show, Asantewaa shared that her husband met her on a movie set and that he has never prevented her from pursuing her passion for acting.

“Some partners prevent their wives from acting but my husband met me on a movie set. He had come to wash his car at a washing bay where we were shooting. I always say this, a man can leave at any time. Don’t abandon your passion. Find a better way to explain things to him. You can build some structures on what not to do. If he trusts you on whatever you do, that’s it,” she said.

She explained that although some people have tried to break their marriage by giving her husband false information about her whereabouts, her husband trusts her completely. “One time, someone gave a hint to my husband that I was in a hostel with my manager. The good thing is that I had already informed him that I was with my manager and when he came to see for himself, he found me where I said I was…all that matters is trust,” she disclosed.

The actress encouraged other women in similar situations not to abandon their passions, as a man can leave at any time. She urged them to find ways to explain their actions and build structures to prevent misunderstandings. As long as their partners trust them, that is all that matters, she said.

Asantewaa’s revelation sheds light on the challenges that many Ghanaian celebrities face in their personal lives, as their relationships are often scrutinized by the media and the public. It also emphasizes the importance of trust in a marriage and the need for couples to communicate openly and honestly to overcome the obstacles that come their way.