‘Arrest the cedi, stabilize it in prayer; in the name of Jesus’ – Duncan-Williams prays

Ghanaian gospel preacher, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has fervently prayed for the Ghana cedi.

The local currency has become a major victim of an economic downturn that has been epitomized by massive depreciation against the United States dollar, galloping inflation (currently at over 40%) and the general rise in the cost of living.

The ‘Papa’ as he is known, however, believes that prayer was a good means of arresting and stabilizing the depreciating currency aside from economic and political interventions.

In a November 7, 2022 video posted on his official Twitter handle, Duncan-Williams implores his congregation to open their mouths and pray for the stability of the cedi.

“All things are possible to him that believes, I said all things are possible to him that believes. We speak to the cedi. We prophesy to the cedi, let the cedi stabilize.

“Open your mouth, put your hands together, prophesy, speak to the cedi… open your mouth, speak to the cedi, prophesy, arrest the cedi, stabilize it in prayer. In the name of Jesus,” he added.