Approximately May 2018, Emmanuel Appiah Fomum popularly known as Osofo Appiah Koti Kitua made an allegation against founder and leader of Glorious Word Church International, Reverend Owusu Bempah of  being gay.

Appiah said in an interview the Reverend offered him about Gh 35,000 Ghana Cedis to have sexual relationship with him but he rejected the offer.

Appiah Will Eat The Grounds And Walk Around The City With Madness Before He Dies - Reverend Owusu Bempah to Emmanuel Appiah

Few months after the allegations were placed, Appiah was caught in a video naked with some men beating him up, leading to a broken tooth. Following up with the news, information was given that, Appiah attempted to rape his former church member. 

Years later, it seems Owusu Bempah is not satisfied with what Appaiah went through. He is out with a curse. 

The reverend in his sermon around July 2020 placed a curse on Emmanuel Appiah Fomum for lying against him. 

“ If you are going to say something about me, say what I have done. That I say I am giving you 350 million to be gay with you. If he said I have killed someone it would not have hurt me. That guy, I use anger to curse him and after his nakedness came out to the world. What is more disgraceful than this ? This is not the end, this is life you are playing ball and you go for the first half.  That boy, That Appiah, he will suffer a suffering. If it is true that God called me Owusu Bempah to this earth, that boy, he will suffer and there will be a time he will eat the grounds and walk around the city and go mad before he dies.”  Owusu Bempah said. 

Below is the video: