Apostle Kwadwo Safo is not a human being — Osebo

Brand influencer, Richard Brown widely known as Osebo the Zaraman has made a debatable statement about Apostle Kwadwo Safo.

Osebo speaking in an interview with media personality Abeiku Santana on ‘Atuu’ show claim that Apostle Kwadwo Safo is not a mere human being as people see him.

Zaraman recounted how the founder of Kristo Asafo Religion saved him from prison through a dream when he was jailed for 9 months in Italy in 2019.


When in jail, he recounted that he had a dream where Apostle Safo advised him to exit the county jail and go home, after the dream he was freed and his case had been removed from prosecution.

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In other news, a video circulating on social media has it that a couple allegedly having s³x in a car along Lagos-Ibadan expressway have passed away.

The couple is believed to have suffocated to de@th while enjoying themselves in the car.

According to reports, the couple might have been de@d two days.

People who know the couple were asked to contact Owe-Ibafo Police Station.

It was revealed that the man was a contractor as helmet was spotted in the car.

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