Adom FM presenter, Captain Smart has angrily voiced out his frustrations on the financial matters concerning the global coronavirus pandemic and obscure nature of the government concerning the finances to Ghanaians

He has specifically called out the ministry of communication headed by Hon. Ursula Owusu for refusing to reveal to Ghanaians the cost involved in the launch of the GH-COVID-19 Tracker App

The Minister of Communication, Hon. Ursula Owusu has on multiple of times denied paying any of the entertainers who graced the stage even though some of them have confessed to have taken money

Even after the event, scores of misunderstandings between the musicians were recorded, with some citing being under paid while others received huge amounts of money

The Ministry have still denied paying neither of them, stressing they spent no money on the concert in contrast to what is being speculated that, they spent over GH¢1,000,000 on the launch

Adding his voice to the matter, Captain Smart has asked the ministry to be truthful to Ghanaians and revealed the actual money they spent on the launch, since there was

He angrily expressed his frustration, possibly citing the ministry is exhibiting corrupt acts

“Today, I want to tell you something. I’ve been asked to hold my bomb on this issue, but there’s only one thing I want to tell you. Never try to rich yourselves with coronavirus pandemic. Why is the minister lying to Ghanaians and the artistes also denying receiving the money? God will punish you, and your punishment won’t be mild, you’ll suffer extremely,” he fumed

He further revealed that, each of the acts was paid not less than GH¢5000