Any lady who thinks she’s special because she doesn’t bill men is a f00l — Lady

A young beautiful lady has taken to Twitter to fire some shots at her colleague ladies who do not bill or ask men for money.

According to her, ladies who claim they’re special because they do not make financial demands of men are not special as they think.

She concluded referring to them as f00ls and feels sorry for them.

She wrote; “ You are not special for not billing men my dear. You are a fool. Sorry.”

Any lady who thinks she's special because she doesn't bill men is a f00l — Lady

In other news, a video circulating online sees a young man compelling a lady believed to be his girlfriend to take off everything he bought for her.

The man forced the lady to take off slippers and her clothes for not accepting his proposal.

The incident happened at a market place and the market women who felt bad about the plight of the last asked the man to forgive the lady and allowed her to keep her clothes on.

But the young man remains adamant and continues to ask the lady to take off her clothes.

Watch the video below;