Any Christian who wears wig is fake and has not truly repented — Says Evangelist

A Ghanaian Evangelist identified as Kasawale has made a debatable comment concerning the use of artificial hair by Christians.

A lot of gospel preachers and churches condemn the use of artificial hair by Christians who have given their lives to Christ.

Some of the materials most especially the weavon and attachments
have been criticized and kicked against by some churches, thus preventing or discouraging their female members from using them when making or plaiting their hairs citing that whosever does that will be condemned to hell.

Braiding has to do with adding of artificial materials/stuffs to one’s hair which they claim is wrong stating that one is trying to tell God, that she doesn’t appreciate the way she was created, and that GOD should have given her so kind of hair which they now try to get by fixing attachment or weavon.

According the Evangelist in the video below, any Christian who wears wig or adds artificial hair to her hair has not truly given her life to Jesus Christ.

Watch the video below;