3rd police officer d!es less than 24 hours after previous one d!ed of súicide

3rd police officer d!es barely 24 hours after previous one d!ed of súicide whiles on duty.

The Ghana Police police have in less than 7 days suffered the death of 3 police officers.
In a new report, a sergeant and his colleague were shot by highway robbers but sadly a police officer lost the life.
A Facebook user who narrated the incident disclosed that the Police at Pramkese in the Eastern Region received a distress call that some unidentified gunmen have blocked Pramkese to Akim Takyiman motor road and were robbing commuters.
Good Sgt. Moses Tetteh Nartey responded to the call, since there wasn’t a Police vehicle at the station, he together with two junior officers proceeded to the scene in a hired taxi.
The team on reaching a section of the road at Ada Kwasi Junction, spotted a mini Bus ahead of them at about hundred meters away. The team on approaching noticed that the minibus has stopped compelling them to also slow down.
Suddenly two unidentified men holding AK 47 riffle emerged from the bush onto the road. The gunmen flashed a touch lightly onto the occupants of the taxi and identified them to be Policemen, suddenly the gunmen started firing at them indiscriminately.
Sgt Moses Tetteh Nartey sustained two gunshot wounds in his chest and one on his head. The team then retreated and rushed the injured officer to Pramkese Health Centre for treatment. Sgt Moses Nartey Tetteh was pronounced dead on arrival.
The body of Sgt Moses Tetteh Nartey has since been deposited at the Kade Government Hospital morgue for preservation and autopsy.
The police are yet to issue an official statement about the matter.
3rd police officer d!es less than 24 hours after previous one d!ed of súicide
A similar incident hit the Ghana Police Service yesterday where Constable Eugene who worked in the National Protection Unit (NPU) of the Ghana Police Service was battling with an illness and went on leave but resumed duty last week after the expiration of the leave period.

Reports emphasized that the deceased requested an extension of leave to continue his medication because he was not fully recovered from his illness but he was denied.

Constable Eugene was then put on duty to guard the residence of one Mr. Olympio, a Togo opposition exile in Ghana at Ridge.
In the line of duty, the deceased sh0t himself in a washroom at his duty point.