Anita Afriyie Exposes Diana Asamoah for Having the Same Unclean Spirit as Cecelia Marfo, which may have sparked a beef between them.

Speaking in an interview on Peace FM, Anita revealed that Diana Asamoah had no right to call out Cecelia Marfo for her shameful action against her colleague Joyce Blessing during a live worship in Kumasi.

Anita further stated that Diana Asamoah is not the same person she used to be some years ago because she has backslid. Referring to a comment passed by Diana, Anita also said that, if Cecelia Marfo has an unclean spirit, then so does she(Diana Asamoah).

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According to her Asamoah has a smelly mouth and she should also think of fixing it. She called on her to seek deliverance because she also has the same evil spirit in her that she (Asamoah) claims Cecilia Marfo has.

“How dare Diana Asamoah say I have a smelly wig on? We both met at an Event in January last year and during my performance on stage, I felt my wig was about to fall off so I took it off and used it as a Handkerchief. I cant believe she brought up that issue and had the nerves to say my wig was smelly. Its not as if she was closer to me to perceive the smell. She is there saying Cecelia Marfo is evil when she is even worse. She is a hypocrite! And its about time she stopped pretending” She said