‘Angry’ Patapaa hangs up phone call during a live television interview (Watch)

Ghanaian musician, Justice Amoah popularly known as Patapaa Amisty made headlines earlier today after he angrily hanged up a phone call on MzGee during a live interview on TV.

The Pa2Pa Sojas CEO was called to clear the air on how he felt when Shatta Wale dragged him in his beef with Yaa Pono.

In the wake of Yaa Pono and Shatta Wale’s beef, the Swedru-based rapper was dragged into the brouhaha.

Yaa Pono invited Shatta Wale for beef by saying the industry has been calm for some time and wants to “ginger” it by beefing the dancehall musician.

Wale decided to hit back, dragging Patapaa.

According to Wale, he is not going to hype any underground singer by beefing them and if Yaa Pono is insistent, he can go ahead and beef people like Patapaa who are equally underground singers.

Well, Patapaa was called during the live program to express how he felt when his ‘godfather’ Shatta Wale referred to him as an underground artiste.

According to Patapaa, Shatta Wale never called him underground artiste but was rather referring to Yaa Pono as the underground artist.

In the course of his explanation, MzGee hopped in and used the word “Wo” which didn’t go down well with Patapaa who felt disrespected and hanged up the call.

Watch the video below;