Angry Nana Agradaa takes back ¢200 she gave to a needy church member over her ungrateful behavior

A video that has gone viral captures moment Evangelist Nana Agradaa taking back money she wanted to give to one of her needy church members over her ungrateful behavior.

During church service, she said God says she should bless the businesses of the needy in the church so they can feed themselves.

She called one woman, Cynthia in front of the congregation and the woman said she needs money to sell drinks and banana.

Agradaa asked her the offertory she paid and she said GH¢2.

Evangelist Mama Pat Agradaa then offered to give her GH¢200 to start the business and the woman didn’t react cheerfully.

The woman’s behavior got Agradaa angry and told her PA not to give the woman the GH¢200.