Angry man beats up his girlfriend for rejecting his marriage proposal [WATCH]

A video circulating online shows a young Nigerian man beating up his girlfriend for rejecting his marriage proposal in public.

As we all know, a lot of people go the extra mile to make their marriage proposals a memorable occasion to the extent that some propose to their loved ones in public or in front of their friends and colleagues to get a positive response from their partners.

In the video below, a man could be seen on his knees asking his girlfriend to be his wife.

Surprisingly, the lady turned down his marriage proposal compelling her boyfriend to assault her.

Watch the video below;


In other news, former President John Dramani Mahama has said that the fracas that occurred in Parliament late last year was to protect the democracy of Ghana.

Mr. Mahama said this while speaking with leaders of some Christian groups who visited him and leadership of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) to convince them to soften their stance on the controversial electronic transaction levy.

He told the clergymen that the Constitution is clear on how proceedings should be conducted in the House and cannot be sidestepped by anyone.

“If you get the details of our concerns you will understand the view from where we are coming from. I do think this meeting is timely, it is good to hear from all sides.

“By the time you have hear what we have to say you will realize that the problem is much deeper than what you think. That is why I have brought some of the MPs . That fight was a fight for democracy , there is no way a speaker can sit in the chair, relinquish the chair, let somebody else come and sit and take a vote in something that he has presided over.

“The constitution is clear, you take a voice vote, Is have it, somebody challenges it, it means we don’t agree with your choice so you must sit in the chair and do a division.”