“Angry” Kevin Taylor slams MTN CEO over ZoneBundle cancellation

Controversial Ghanaian-US based journalist and founder of Loud Silence media, Kevin Ekow Taylor has criticized the CEO of MTN Ghana for the sudden cancellation of the Mtn Zone.

In a Facebook post, Kevin expressed disappointment in the telecommunications company and accused them of disrespecting their customers. He cautioned that if MTN Ghana continues to treat its customers in such a manner, the company could face the risk of collapse.

According to Kevin, customers of the Zone bundle offer deserve to be treated with respect, adding that if the internet offer was being taken off for whatever reason, MTN Ghana should have given notice and provided reasons for the cancellation, as they had a contractual obligation to their customers.

He further questioned whether MTN Ghana would still be the leading telecommunications company in the country if its users decide to ditch the network provider for another one. Kevin warned that MTN Ghana cannot afford to ignore the grievances of its customers as there are many sophisticated companies that have collapsed in many parts of the world because of similar actions taken by MTN Ghana.

Kevin also argued that MTN Ghana would not be able to carry out such an action by taking off the Zone Bundle offer without notice in any European country or America. The journalist’s post has sparked a debate on social media, with many people expressing their views on the matter.

“Your Ghanaian customers of Zone bundle need to be treated with respect and not like fools.
If you have an internet offer you are turning off for whatever reason, you don’t do that abruptly, you serve notice and give reasons why the offer is being taken off because you have a contract with your customers.
Will Mtn be Mtn if users decide to ditch the network provider for another one?
Do not in your thinking believe Mtn cannot collapse in Ghana if the users decide to revolt against some of these useless unilateral decisions your outfit takes.There are a lot more sophisticated companies that collapsed in many part of the world because of similar actions as Mtn Ghana takes here in Ghana.
You know Mtn cannot do whatever they have done to the Zone Bundle offer by just taking off without notice to their clients in any European Country or America right?” He stated in a Facebook post