Ghanaian-US-based journalist, Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor has heavily descended on Okay FM’s presenter, Afia Pokuaa over a post she made on Facebook concerning Martin Amidu’s resignation.

Yesterday, the nation was devastated and overwhelmed with corruption conspiracies after the special prosecutor boss, Martin Amidu handed over his resignation letter.

According to the resignation letter, Mr. Amidu noted that the President denied him any room to work, and the president wanted him to compromise his office over an investigation on the Agyapa deal.

After the resignation hit the airwaves a lot of Ghanaian journalists have opined their opinions on the tickling blow to Ghana’s stand on fighting corruption.

Afia Pokuaa also known as Vim lady took to his Facebook handle and posted that Martin Amidu has every right to resign but the timing was the troubling factor.

Kevin Taylor upon sighting Afia Pokuaa’s post took to his handle on the same social media platform to retaliate her comments.

He was noted for saying:

“This are the dangerous creatures walking around in dirty wigs and mouth like Chinese condoms calling themselves journalist.”

Afia Pokuaa is yet to respond to this hot jab from loudmouth Kelvin Taylor and this portal would be the first to publish any development on this trending issue.

Below is a screenshot of Afia Pokuaa’s post and Kevin Taylor’s reaction:

Kevin Taylor attacks Akua Pokuaa over Martin Amidu's resignation

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