Angry baby mama attacks newlywed couple

Angry baby mama attacks newlywed couple during wedding ceremony somewhere in Africa although the video did not add the exact location.

Love and pain although are very opposite become a substitute when one is abused.

In a new video seen by, a lady believed to b the baby mam could be seen fighting with the groom.

A first glance one can easily think it’s a movie but watching further the footage looks very real and uncontrollable.

A scene from the horrific event.

Angry baby mama attacks newlywed couple

Rumours say the wedding ceremony was held over the weekend and the baby mama of the groom allgedly got a hint of his new union which h she did not want happening.

The angry baby mama who came with children disclosed that the groom had slept with
her at her house the night before the wedding and they have children together.

I do not know how true it is but she seemed ver concerned and true to her words , the ceremony cam to an end.

Have a look at the video below.