Anglican Holy Kiss Priest Of St. Monica’s College Campus Has Been Suspended

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A priest from St. Monica’s college Ghana was seen on social media as a priest identifies as Belthazar Obeng Larbi kissing students during such service with church members as witnesses. 

As following the news, a statement alleged to be from a student of St. Monica’s college stated that the priest was honoring the students as it is said those students that priest was seen kissing in the video are best students. 

The statement from the student also stated that the priest has been using profane words during church service such as “ I will fuck you”. 

Comments on social media drew the attention of the Anglican church in which the church made a publication of a press statement expressing their sadness to the video circulating and will be following it up with the issue. 

“The attention of the hierarchy of the Anglican Church, Ghana under the leadership of the Most Rev’d Dr. Cyril Kobina Ben-Smith has been drawn to a circulating video of a Priest kissing some female students of the St. Monica’s College of Education with the Asante-Mampong diocese.

“The church is saddened by the news and wish to state expressly that, a thorough investigation has immediately been instituted into the matter and the action of the said priest will be dealt with in accordance with the norms and values of the Anglican Communion where morality is extremely revered in the church.”

“ All further clarifications on this matter should be undersigned to 0244351338. Meanwhile, all efforts are being made to engage the students concerned through counseling sessions to avert any psychological issues that may arise as a result of the viral video.”

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With the Anglican church following up with an investigation, a report is given that, The Anglican church in agreement with the education service has given Mr.  Belthazar Obeng Larbi a suspension from his duties as leadership are investigating the video.  It is also reported that the education board and the church will update the public with their final judgment. 

Below is the video: