American pornstar King Nazir declares intention to storm Ghana in search of Shugatiti

American pornstar, King Nazir has revealed his intentions to visit Ghana in search of nudist Shugatiti after interacting with her on social media.

King Nazir is planning to come to Ghana after offering to help Shugatiti reach orgasm.

Shugatiti recently revealed in an interview that she has never had an orgasm.

Despite having s.3x with countless men, none of them has been able to satisfy her to the core.

According to her, she uses s.3x toys to satisfy herself most of the time.

The revelation from her caught the attention of popular American pornstar, King Nasir who offered to help her reach orgasm.

The porn actor is planning to visit Ghana and spend time with Shugatiti and embark on a few media tours.

“I would love to do that in her home country. I would just love to really hear her thoughts and here some of the thoughts of the locals, the news publications, podcasts and so on. Anybody that has any interest in this interaction between me and her, will definitely see what happens, for sure.”

According to King Nazir, he had always planned on touring Africa, and as such, he finds the timing right to make Ghana his first stop.

“It wasn’t my intention to come to Ghana specifically but once this became as big as it became and we started trending, it sort of diverted my original plans. Now I wouldn’t mind going to Ghana first. It was already my intention to come to Africa,” he maintained.

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