Amerado allegedly impregnates young girl, reason for Delay breakup exposed

In an interesting turn of events, a viral social media post has shed light on the alleged reason behind the unexpected rift between Ghanaian rapper Amerado Burner and his rumored “sugar mummy” Delay. According to the rumor, which was spread by an anonymous user, Amerado has fathered a child with a teenager he impregnated.

Thosecalledcelebs, a well-known Instagram blogger and gossip peddler, received the unconfirmed report and forwarded it to her enormous fan base. Amerado didn’t have a baby with a girl, according to the message, which was written in pidgin English.

The news was released soon after Amerado appeared on a recent episode of Berla Mundi’s TV3 interview, when he made an effort to explain why he and Delay had a falling out. The rapper’s decision on whether to confirm or refute the speculations about his alleged new family member is yet to be seen.