Ama Broni’s ghost keeps visiting us – Family reveals

The relatives of popular Kasoa sl@y queen Ama Broni who met her untimely de@th during a street carnival in Liberia Camp in Kasoa have revealed that her ghost has been visiting them.

According to a family member identified as Aggie, Ama Broni has been revealing herself to her to complain about issues and other matters bothering her.

Speaking in an interview, Madam Aggie recounted how Ama once showed herself wearing a green dress urging them to move her body from where it’s been kept because she’s feeling cold.

The mother of the deceased, Esi Mensah also speaking in the interview made known that she has been having sleepless nights after the demise of her daughter. She made a plea that the police should release the remains of her daughter to the family for final burial.

Watch the video below;

On Saturday, January 16, 2020, Ama broni meet her untimely death after she decided to go nude and tw3rk uncontrollably at a street carnival in Kasoa.


It was earlier alleged that she died after a group of enticed boys at the concert tried to f*nger and s£kually assault her because she decided to show her private parts on stage.

However, a covert and old friend of the infamous slay queen came out with contradicting testimony which offered some clarification on what killed the slay queen.

According to her, Ama Broni died after she was electrocuted. She clarified that Ama met her fate after she left the stage and tried to make her way down to enjoy the rest of the street carnival.

As the public continues to converse about her painful death, her close associate has yet again shared a picture of her twins with the media.


The friend again unveiled that Ama Broni was a mother of three until her demise, leaving behind her twins who are just about seven months old.