On Saturday 16, January 2020, a popular slay queen from Ghana- Accra, Kasoa with name given as Ama Broni was reported dead at a street carnival. 

No description available.

According to the report, Ama climbed stage during the street carnival to join a twerking competition with about $100 as a winning prize. As she was on stage, she was seen in a video removing her underwear leading her to win the prize. 

Leaving the stage with some guys rushing her, she got electrocuted leading to her death. A close friend disclosed Ama left two children behind. 

With many social media commentators sharing their views on the incident, Reverend Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom, affectionately known as Opambour, passionately shares his views on Ama’s accident. 

Opambour, stated Ama did not have a good counselor to counsel her which led to her death. He disclosed as he looked at Ama, she was not useful to society for she was promoting naked exposure. 

In closing Ama’s chapter, Ebenezer advised young men to be extra careful in order not to settle down in life with a girl like Ama Broni.  

Below is the video: 

Source: adepanews.com