“Alpha Hour is not different from my church or Agradaa” — Obinim

Ghanaian gospel preacher, Bishop Daniel Obinim has spoken after police nabbed Evangelist Nana Agradaa for allegedly duping her church members.

The former dubious fetish priestess was arrested by the police over the weekend after she was accused of duping her church members .

A video that had members of Nana Agradaa’s church accusing her of scam went viral over the weekend.

According to Agradaa, the video making rounds of people running on her church premises were people who wanted to see her for Free counseling.

The arrest has raised questions about the rate at which some supposed men and women of God are operating in the country. Some have called for a probe into some men of God. In a trending video, Obinim, founder and leader of the International God’s Way Church has stated that Pastor Elvis Agyemang, leader of the popular prayer line, Alpha Hour is no different from Agradaa.

He mentioned that Pastor Elvis also calls for members to give offerings via MoMo and also calls for different types of collections and yet no one is talking about it. Obinim questioned why Ghanaians are criticizing Agradaa while other pastors are doing same and yet people look on. He bemoaned why people feel he is fake just because he asks for people to sow seeds.

“That pastor who comes to social media and calls for braking. After that he calls money and gives MoMo numbers isn’t a fraud” Obinim questioned. In a related video, a blogger by name Bigscout media has also added her voice to Obinim’s call. According to him, Agradaa is only continuing what she came to meet certain so called men of God doing. He equated the money collections in those churches to what Agradaa does.

It is unknown why Obinim is attacking Alpha Hour. Many feel it is a sign of bitterness. Alpha Hour is currently one of the best prayer lines in the country. The prayer sessions receive raving reactions and the shares are outstanding. Is it the case that Ghanaians are gullible or Obinim is just being bitter?