Akufo Addo should resign – Manasseh Azure

Award-winning investigative journalist, Manasseh says President Akufo-Addo should resign for failing to fight and eradicate galamsey.

For the past few weeks, Ghanaians have been discussing how to curb illegal mining in the country.

All our major river bodies have been totally destroyed – And Ghana Water Company Limited has also threatened to shut down operations if nothing is done to stop illegal mining activities.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Manasseh wrote;

“President Akufo-Addo met the National House of Chiefs at Manhyia today to discuss the fight against galamsey. I was happy I didn’t see the Asantehene at that joke of a meeting, but they could have looked for a concert house for that meeting,”

Is Akufo-Addo saying if the illegal miners were rebels, Ghana’s security forces would watch them helplessly so that they kill us?

“If he cannot lead the police, military and all the human resources under his command to stop galamsey, then he should step down as president.”

The chiefs have their own issues, but they should not be blamed for our inability to stop the illegal mining that is threatening our land and our survival. Even the stupidest person in Akufo-Addo’s cabinet knows the solution to the galamsey problem.


“The problem is that the Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces is not serious about the fight. Who deploys the soldiers to supervise and guard illegal mining and licensed illegal mining activities? Who appoints the defense minister and the CDS? Who appoints the Regional Ministers and MMDCEs, and who chairs the regional and district security councils? If they are all failing why do we blame the chiefs? Does Akufo-Addo need permission from the chiefs to fire an appointee who is not doing his or her work?

Suggesting how the galamsey menace can be curtailed once and for all, Manasseh proposed that;

If Akufo-Addo sends a message that any DCE or MCE who allows galamsey to happen in their district will be fired and prosecuted, it will stop next week. The MDEs and DCEs will save their jobs and stop the party executives from mining. They will expose the so-called bigwigs behind the destructive concessions in the forests.

“Our nation is dying and the jokes of seminars and meetings should stop.”