Akufo Addo removes duty on goods from the UK, a statement has said.

The ministry is responsible for advising the government on the private sector development, trade, and industry formation within the local and the international front.

The ministry, currently lead by Alan John Kyerematen has announced that it would no longer charge duty and quota on goods traded between Ghana and UK.

Customs duty is levied on goods imported into Ghana, at varying rates up to 20%. Special concessionary rates are available to members of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

This would mean Goods arriving in the country from UK may no longer be subjected to import duty.

The statement also added that the same would be done in the UK for goods from Ghana.

The statement however dd not include the date when the policy would be fully implemented but announced it would be done in the coming weeks.

Read the full statement below.

JUST IN: Akufo Addo removes duty on goods from UK

In other news,the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) has asked the public to disregard a news item attributed to the Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders, claiming that import duties have been increased.

According to the Authority, the claims are not true.

It explains that only Parliament has the power to impose charges which then become legally enforceable.

According to Prof Alex Dodoo, Director-General of the GSA, Parliament approved new fees and charges that the GSA has to collect for the “delivery of good and services to the public”.

Implementation of this was delayed by the GSA due to several factors including the Covid-19 pandemic. The GSA has thus notified the general public including all importers and exporters of its intention to level the Parliamentary approved fees effective 1st January 2021.

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