Akufo Addo exposes Martin Amidu discloses lies told by him

Akufo Addo exposes Martin Amidu discloses lies told by him which could be seen in his resignation letter.

A section of Martin Amidu’s resignation letter to the president suggested that Akufo Addo had interference with his Agyapa Report.

Sadly, Mr. Akufo-Addo in a statement reacting to these allegations said “Your accusation of interference with your functions simply on account of the meeting the president held with you is perplexing.

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“In exercise of what you considered to be your powers under Act 959, you had voluntarily proceeded to produce the Agyapa Report.

The president had no hand in your work. Without prompting from any quarter within the Executive., you delivered a letter purporting to be a copy of you report to the president.

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“The purpose of presenting a copy of the Agyapa report to the president is decipherable from paragraph 32 of your letter to the president in which you indicated that you hoped the report will be ‘used to improve current and future legislative and executive actions to make corruption and corruption-related offences very high risk enterprise in Ghana’,” the president said in a statement responding to the accusation against him by Mr Amidu who resigned from his post on Monday.