Akufo-Addo came to Ashanti Region to commission Mahama projects – NDC

The National Democratic Congress in the Ashanti region have said President Akufo-Addo’s 4-day tour of the region was to commission projects of the NDC.

At a press conference Thursday, October 20, 2022, the NDC stated that the “empty” tour of the president was a “shameless determination” to accord himself the credit of projects started by the erstwhile Mahama/NDC government.

According to the Ashanti Regional Communications Director of the NDC, Nurudeen Abass, the commissioning of a 330KV transmission line and the 60 bed Konongo Sistrict Hospital in the region are handiworks of the NDC.

“President Akufo-Addo’s shameless determination to appropriate for himself credit and glory for projects that were commenced by the erstwhile Mahama/NDC government was once on full display,” he said.

“One of such projects was the commissioning of a 330KV transmission line from Kumasi to Bolgatanga to facilitate the sale of power to Burkina Faso. This project was one of the handiworks of the visionary nation-builder, H.E John Dramani Mahama for Ghana’s sector which ensured that we had enough generation capacity in order to export the rest for cash.

“It is sad that the very people who accused president Mahama of generating so much megawatt of power than needed are now busily claiming credit for commissioning mere transmission lines the were just to aid the realization of the bigger vision to export power to neighboring Burkina Faso. After unduly delaying the completion date of the project which was supposed to be 2018, president Akufu Addo four years down the line now seeks to once again reap where he did not saw by coming to commission it and failing to recognize the enormous contribution of his predecessor,” he added.

He added saying “President Akufo-Addo’s first stopped his empty tour was to commission a 60 bed District Hospital at Konongo. It is important to underscore the fact that this project was started by Mahama/NDC government but very typical of president Akufu Addo, he refused to give credit where it is due.”

He, however, implored the President to complete other health projects of his predecessor in the region instead of pursing his phantom Agenda 111.

“President Akufo-Addo conveniently neglected other key project initiated in the area of health by the erstwhile Mahama/NDC to help address the critical health needs of the people of Ashanti.