Andrew Kudzo Vortia, the lawyer who represented Akuapem Poloo in her legal dispute with Child Right International has finally reacted to all the scrutiny he is confronting on social media for allegedly being part of the reason the actress is facing a 90 days jail sentence.

Mr. Andrew Kudzo has refuted all the claims that his effort negatively participated in the sentencing of his client, Rosemond Brown who is popularly known as Akuapem Poloo.

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His comments follow after numerous Ghanaians who are bewildered by Akuapem Poloo’s sentencing, say the lawyer’s move to change Poloo’s “not guilty plea” to the opposite played a counterproductive role in Court’s final verdict.

Yet, According to Lawyer Kudzo, the move to change Poloo‘s plea on Wednesday, April 13 was the best decision they took legally because if she failed to do that, the sentence would have been harsher than the three months she was given.

Speaking in the interview, he said: “When we were in the case management conference stage, we evaluated all the evidence against her; the pictorial evidence and the witness statement. We realized that we don’t have a good case”.

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The lawyer added that Akuapem Poloo being a first-time offender and pleading guilty to the charges was the best alternative.

Watch his video below:

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