Akuapem Poloo lied to Delay, we had s³x multiple times in Dubai — Flatelo exposes her after Delay’s interview

Ghanaian Italian-based artist, Flatelo has exposed Akuapem Poloo after the actress claimed in an interview that he never slept with him.

The socialite speaking in an exclusive interview with Deloris Frimpong on Delay show stated emphatically that Flatelo has never tasted her ‘honey pot’ before as he claim.

A few years ago, it was revealed that the Italian-based artist chopped Akuapem Poloo for free without paying a dime all in the name of video shoot.

Reports suggested that Flatelo lured her into a hotel room under the guise of a music video shoot.


Poloo in a recent interview said all those reports were false because Flatelo never slept with her.

However, Flatelo has come out react to Akuapem Poloo’s interview.

According to him, Poloo’s claims that she doesn’t know him are false because he has slept with her countless times in Dubai.

Watch the video below;