Akuapem Poloo causes “trouble” at Takoradi Police check-point

Socialite, Rosemond Brown populate Akuapem Poloo, has entertained Takoradi by some officers of the district police when she was welcome to their unit

Poloo’s encounter with the office began when She and her team were stopped by officers of the Takoradi check-point on her way for a radio interview, she, and her team, were stopped as part of the security routine.

Immediately the officers recognised her when she stepped out of her car they showered her with praises and showed her love.

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One of the officers informed her that celebrities use the route, but none had been friendly enough to strike a conversation with them.

For that reason, they hugged, posed for photos, and exchanged contacts with Akuapem Polo who promised to surprise them in the Christmas season.

An elated Polo took to Instagram to share her experience with her fans.

“The love is too deep Takoradi police checkpoint and the policeman says they can’t love me less I’m blessed beyond curse chai,” she captioned the video.