Akete Mpeninmsem mother warns Beyou to delete all her videos else she will call police for him [WATCH]

Young talented comedy star, Akete Mpeninsem and her management Beyou Comedy have been in the headlines for the past few weeks after it was revealed that the two have parted ways.

The manager of the Beyou Comedy, Uncle Beyou as popularly known on set took to social media to narrate the terrible ordeal following the unexpected exit of the kid comedy star.

He made it known that after taking care of the little girl in terms of her school affairs, feeding, clothing and aside from that, being able to save an amount of Ghs11,000 into a bank account that he personally created for her, all that her parents could pay him back was painting him black and taking the child away from him.

Speaking out of emotions and in tears, the manager officially declared that the young talent that he nurtured has been forcefully taken away from him and sent to another manager due to some financial unclearity.

The mother of the young talented star also came out to debunk some of the allegations leveled against her and their family by Beyou.

Well, new audio from the camp of Akete’s mother has her sending a stern caution to Beyou Comedy to delete all the videos of her child from his social media platforms since they’re no more working together. She threatened to call for his arrest if he fails to delete them.

Watch the video below for more details;