Ajagurajah is big thief – ‘angry’ ex-wife makes damning revelation

Ajagurajah, a popular Ghanaian spiritualist, has found himself in hot water once again as a lady who claims to be his ex-wife has taken to social media to expose his alleged wrongdoings.

In a recently surfaced video that has since gone viral, the unidentified woman recounts her story of how she met and eventually fell victim to Ajagurajah’s deceitful ways.

According to the woman, she was doing well in her ministry in Koforidua until she crossed paths with Ajagurajah. He convinced her to give up her church and hand everything over to him, promising to take care of her and her ministry. Out of love, she complied and even relocated to South Africa on his instructions after he convinced her that her life was in danger.

However, things took a turn for the worse when she returned to Ghana and discovered that Ajagurajah had taken over her church and all of her belongings. Despite warning her never to step foot in the church again, she went back and found that everything was gone.

This is not the first time Ajagurajah has been accused of duping people. In fact, he has faced several allegations in the past, including claims of fraud and other misdeeds. The recent allegations from his ex-wife have sparked outrage on social media, with many calling for justice to be served.

It is important to note that these are still allegations, and Ajagurajah has not yet responded to the claims made against him. However, it serves as a reminder to be cautious when dealing with spiritual leaders or any other individuals who make grand promises and claims.