Ajagurajah curses two men who recorded him eating at KFC

Prophet Kwabena Boakye Asiamah popularly known as Ajagurajah has invoked curses on two young men who filmed him while eating at KFC restaurant.

The motive behind the action of the men is yet-to-be-revealed.

A section of social media users claim that the men recorded the man of God in an attempt to ridicule him.

But reacting to the turn of events, Ajagurajah nicknamed ‘Chop bar pastor’ noted that he has love for everyone, that’s why it doesn’t bother him to sit in an open space to enjoy his meal.

“I have seen a video of me going viral for eating outside. Your pastor doesn’t eat outside because he doesn’t want to buy food for anybody. Even Jesus ate in a public space. I can buy food outside and eat. I buy corn and stand outside to chew it. I am not arrogant that explains why I can eat during my Facebook live sessions,” he explained.

The aggrieved preacher cursed the men whose voices were heard in the background of the video.

“Let me say this, those who took that video of me will suffer in life. Water will forever taste bitter in your mouth. All your children will be sicklers. You will beg before you eat. Your funeral will not be befitting, you will suffer shame at your burial. May the angel of Ajagurajah curse you…your plan was to shame me but it backfired. Ghanaians now know that am not arrogant. I am not like those pastors.”

According to Ajagurajah, he visited KFC with his men because they were hungry and couldn’t wait to get home for food.

“After a programme, I was famished and so together with my pastors, we went to KFC in my gown. I decided to set outside KFC to eat instead of eating in my car. Those who recorded me will suffer…I will curse you and even add your fourth generation to it,” Ajagurajah declared while he instructed a pastor to read a Bible verse.